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Human Response Principles, Models and Applications for Fire Safety Engineering

Course Provided by: Safety Innovation for Training Services

Course Description:

This four-day course which will address human response in fire and the tools that are available to represent this response within the engineering process and will attract fire safety consultants and people working with fire safety at companies, fire brigades, municipalities and government agencies.

Learning Objectives:
  • Describe human behavior theories that are relevant for FSE.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the subject matter to assist with their theory development and data collection.
  • Explain which factors need to be included in calculations, and the data that is available to support these factors.
  • Understand pedestrian dynamics, and different egress modeling approaches (network, grid and continuous models) and their limitations.
  • Identify the impact that products may have upon an actual population, why this impact is important, and what tools can be used to demonstrate this impact.
  • Perform egress calculations, i.e., back of the envelope calculations, which are often done in the initial phase of FSE design.
  • Summarize how designers will have a greater insight into the effectiveness of their systems, how they might be enhanced and how the tools available can help compare performance and demonstrate it to third parties.
  • Analyze different emergency exit and building designs in order to identify points of potential improvement.
  • Analyze the design of exits and building layouts in a systematic way.
  • State how fire departments will have a clear picture of evacuee performance for training, education, and emergency response applications.
  • Discuss how safety managers can identify the impact of structural designs and procedural measures upon the occupant population in their attempts to reach safety.

Targeted Audience

Fire & Safety Fire Engineers

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