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Fire Engineering & NFPA Compliance Courses

  • NFPA compliance courses
    ICS 300 - Intermediate Incident Command

    The Intermediate Incident Command (ICS 300) is a three-day course providing you tools to better manage an emergent incident or planned event. This course is both fully NIMS compliant while, upon request, tailored to your organizations, agency, business, or unit's needs.

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  • Safety Training Dammam
    ICS 200 - ICS for Single Resources & Initial Responders

    This 2-Day course aims to prepare emergency response group/ team leaders to properly manage various incidents at their initial stages using minimum available resources with the help of the internationally approved and widely practiced Incident Command System ICS-200.

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  • Defensive driving
    ICS 100 - Basics of the International Incident Command System

    ICS 100, Basics of the International Incident Command System. This one day course aims to provide emergency responders with an introduction the internationally approved and widely practiced Incident Command System.

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  • الدفاع المدني
    Firefighting strategies & tactical consideration

    This two week course is aimed to prepare and to further enhance fire officers knowledge of the strategies and tactics that need to be implemented at various fire scenarios occurring at different structures to include single and multiple dwellings, high rises, commercial and mixed-use structures.

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  • Fire engineering
    Dealing with high-rise fires

    This 3-day course aims to prepare fire officers and their crews to deal with fires at high rises where the challenge of large spaces, large number of people and the vertical fire spread makes such incidents a very challenging one.

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  • Defensive driving
    Disaster's Preparedness and Management Course

    A 5-day Crises Preparedness and Management Course aims to develop and further enhance the knowledge and management skills of those involved in the preparation, response, mitigation and management of various types of disasters, both natural and Man-Made, that might occur in parts of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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  • Defensive Driving Rules & Practices

    Driving is becoming more and more dangerous as the number of cars on the roads is increasing, roads are becoming so congested and drivers are getting more frustrated while driving their vehicles. This course is a driver education program aims to prepare drivers to deal with various road’s hazards and challenges, and help them to change old unsafe driving habits and practices.

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  • Occupational Risk Assessment

    Safety is one of the most important aspects in life, and to insure the safety of human lives within any work area, hazards has to be identified, and risks probabilities and severity has to be assessed so we can determine the necessary incident/ injuries preventive measures.

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  • Scaffolding Basics & Job Requirements

    This course defines the safety requirements relating to scaffolding setup and use during construction and maintenance works for up to 40M in height.

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  • Permit to Work Issuer and Receiver Course

    Permit to work systems are used as a control measure for high risk work activates when simple human error could lead to death, serious or disabling injuries.

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  • Incident Safety Officer's Course

    At the conclusion of this session, the fire-fighter, operating as a health and safety officer will be able to list the general duties of the incident scene safety officer, identify scene safety concerns, fire behaviour considerations, special operations incidents, the role of the safety officer prior to an incident, during an incident and after the incident.

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  • Advanced Fire Alarm System Design Course

    This four-day course presents a review of the performance-based design process and its applicability to the design of fire alarm systems which also focuses on the computational methods used to implement a performance-based design approach to fire alarm design problems.

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  • Human Response Principles, Models and Applications for Fire Safety Engineering

    This four-day course which will address human response in fire and the tools that are available to represent this response within the engineering process and will attract fire safety consultants and people working with fire safety at companies, fire brigades, municipalities and government agencies.

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  • Sprinkler Design and Hydraulic Calculations for Fire Sprinkler Systems

    This five-day course is based on NFPA 13 and 20 standards. The course is designed to provide participants with the tools needed to design and install fire sprinkler systems in accordance with building and fire codes, also will present new insights into hydraulic behavior, and will present the overall methodology for performing hydraulic calculations of fire sprinkler systems.

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  • Structural and Industrial Fire Protection Engineering and Application of Fire Risk Assessment

    This five-day course introduces fire protection engineering fundamentals related to building materials and design, the water supply of fire protection, fire extinguishing system, fire alarms systems, special occupancies and hazards, and storage of flammable and hazardous materials.

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  • Protecting Flammable and Combustible Liquids & Protection of Storage Occupancies

    This three-day course seeks the participants with basic knowledge of the available technology and techniques for protecting these very challenging occupancies and will also provide participants with basic knowledge of protection options available in NFPA 30 and testing programs that may become the basis for future editions of NFPA 30.

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  • Smoke Control (I – II – III) Course

    This three-day course addresses the fundamentals of smoke control, including the underlying principles of smoke control, a discussion of air moving equipment and systems, stairwell pressurization, elevator smoke control, zoned smoke control, automatic controls, and commissioning. Methods of design analysis of pressurization smoke control systems are addressed, including network computer modeling using CONTAM.

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