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Industrial Incidents

(Response & Management)

Industrial Incidents

A 3-day course targeting fire service management personnel responsible for the provision of fire, rescue and Haz-Mat response services at industrial facilities.

Course Contents:
  • Introduction to industrial environments
  • Industrial hazards
  • Industrial incident’s scenarios
  • How to prepare for an industrial incident?
  • Response priorities
  • What does "C2C&C" stands for and how is it applied?
  • How does cooling exposures serves incident confinement & control?
  • Selecting the right strategy and tactical objectives
  • When can we determine an incident is "Under Control"?
  • When can we determine an incident is "Over"?

  • Difference in response strategy between industrial & structural accidents
  • Implementing tactical objectives
  • Firefighting and rescue challenges in an industrial incident
  • Industrial Incident Scenarios:
  • Gas leaks
  • Flammable liquid spills
  • Pressurized vessels on fire
  • Hazardous material’s incidents
  • Personnel entrapment
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